Becky Thurner Braddock

My first commercial job was to shoot 50 spice jars. It took me 3 days. I can now say I know how to shoot a spice jar. I share this with you to say that every subject is worthy of a beautiful image. And with time all things are possible. For more than 20 years I’ve spent my time building a career around creating beautiful images. Thanks to a fantastic professor, Dr. Ron Juliette who was my Intro to Photography professor when I was a communications major at Indiana University of Pittsburgh (IUP) my love and passion for photography began. While at IUP I had an internship at a fashion studio in Pittsburgh. I’d get on set so I could participate in the shoot in some way, eventually, I was shooting myself and all the other roles I was learning— makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and assistant—were left behind (but, great knowledge to have, because I use those skills every day).

It was during my internship that Deb Docherty, owner of The Docherty Agency, noticed me. Deb hired me in 1991 and I worked as an agent representing models and actors for our fashion and commercial clients. I eventually grew into the position of agency director, all the while shooting on the weekends and evenings with our talent and remembering how much I loved it. The draw to focus on photography began growing more intense, and in 2004 I resigned my position at the agency to start my business. Since opening Thurner Photography I’ve been blessed to shoot a range of projects including editorial, corporate, marketing, advertising campaigns and celebrity portraits. I have so many local photographers and art directors to thank for helping me with my start. Everyone hired me out while I was building the business and for the past 8 years it’s been my focus to shoot the most beautiful images I can.

When I stop to think about what’s most beautiful to me, it’s my life as a wife and mother of three outrageously beautiful children. I’m also a dreamer, a laugher and a crier. I’m believer of all things good. I love all kinds of music—including country. I can carry a tune and I love singing to my three little munchkins.

A few of my other best-kept secrets…

  • I can turn an eyebrow arch into a work of art.
  • If I weren’t a photographer I’d be a cake baker.
  • Sixlets are my candy of choice.
  • My favorite flower is the daisy.
  • The ideal Saturday morning scenario: Sleeping in with Dan and the kids.
  • And did I mention—I can shoot the hell out of a spice jar.